Noble County's community leaders and planners recognize broadband connectivity is a major determining factor in where people choose to live, work, and play, and essential for business today and into the future. The Indiana Economic Development Corporation certified Noble County a Broadband Ready Community in 2018. 

The Noble County EDC works to help internet service providers (ISP), local utlities, towns, cities, lake associations, county, and state officials uncover and explore opportunities to collaborate and forge strategies to expand and enhance broadband connectivity. 

For ISPs

Companies that offer subscriber services in Noble County are encouraged to submit to the EDC any collateral materials available to help local citizens and businesses determine if they live or work in an area served. Additionally, service maps outlining the geographic service area covered, are appreciated. The EDC will use any information provided to help raise awareness in local communities and to help facilitate any possible collaborative opportunities revealed. Find our contact information here to submit information. 

ISPs looking for options regarding vertical assets are encouraged to contact the Noble County Plan Director, Kenneth Hughes, at (260) 636-7217 for assistance.

For Home and Business Owners

Determining what options are available for broadband connectivity can be especially difficult when multiple companies are actively working to expand and upgrade services; the landscape is constantly changing. We have researched multiple resources available online and recommend this one to help determine which companies might serve an address or area in Noble County. We have no affiliation with any third party resource and this recommendation is not an endorsement. The EDC is not responsible for errors or omissions.  PCs for People provides low cost internet with mobile hotspots. Access is available nationwide using unlimited 4G LTE with plans starting at $15 per month. The service also provides refurbished computers for 501c3 non-profit organizations at affordable prices. Local providers include:

Plans for Low and Fixed Income Households

There are several different programs that allow low-income and fixed-income households to receive discounted internet and computers. Find out if you or a member of your household qualify. PCs for People provides low cost internet with mobile hotspots. Access is available nationwide using unlimited 4G LTE with plans starting at $15 per month.  As a result of COVID-19, many ISPs are offering extended services to households whose income has been affected by the pandemic. Some local providers have published various options and offers.  

Unserved and Under-Served Addresses

The EDC encourages anyone working or living at an address that is unserved or under-served to report the situation by participating in this survey, conducted by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs in support of Indiana's NextLevel Connections initiative. 

Those wishing to receive updates about local efforts to expand broadband services are invited to subscribe to our newsletter. For more information about NextLevel Connections, click here