With a student enrollment of 2500 children and a geographic area that covers 131 square miles, West Noble strives to meet the needs of a student population that includes the largest limited English percentage in the state. West Noble has embraced this diversity and was recognized in the fall of 2008 for achieving results far exceeding national averages for similar demographics.

West Noble serves our students with 150 certified staff and 148 classified staff including secretaries, instructional aides, custodians, food service, bus drivers and other staff. West Noble takes great pride in our community and in the local partnerships with organizations like LEAP, the Noble County Foundation, the Dekko Foundation, and the Noble County Economic Development Corporation just to name a few.

The West Noble staff is striving for continuous improvement as they look for better ways to help students reach higher levels of success.

The school system's web site is http://www.westnoble.k12.in.us.