Impact Students Advance in SkillsUSA Competition

94 students advance

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. The mission, to improve the "quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics" is having an real impact on students in Noble County and northeastern Indiana.

On February 9, 2019, 184 students from the Impact Institute, representing 13 area high schools including all three of Noble County's public schools, competed at various locations throughout the region in the SkillsUSA Regional Competition. The SkillsUSA Championships are competitive events showcasing the best career and technical education students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through the state and national levels. Through an investment from business and industry partners of approximately $36 million, the eventual championship event will occupy a space equivalent to 20 football fields. In 2018, there were more than 6,500 contestants in 103 separate events. Nearly 2,000 judges and contest organizers from labor and management make the national event possible.

Of the 184 local students who competed in the regional competition, 94 placed in the top five as an individual or as a team and will advance to the Indiana SkillsUSA State Competition in Indianapolis in April.

The Impact Institute, with multiple training facilities in Kendallville, Indiana, was formed by a joint service agreement between ten school corporations in June 1969. The Cooperative, previously known as Four County Vocational Cooperative, provides vocational programs, administers adult education, and coordinates communications with the Indiana Department of Education and other state agencies. The thirteen school corporations currently served are located in the five northeast Indiana counties of Noble, DeKalb, LaGrange, Steuben, and Whitley.

The Impact Institute, and SkillsUSA, is providing a framework that helps enables a proven track record of serving students and community members. The Impact Instituate has a 95.4% graduation rate and its partnerships locally, regionally, and nationally, are providing additional opportunities and resources to enhance student learning and promoting life long learning for the four county community.

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Full list of Impact competitors and results:

  • 3-D Visualization and Animation: Taylor Stickan, Hamilton High School; and Teddy Yagodinski, Angola High School
  • Additive Manufacturing: Korbin Baker, Central Noble High School; Dylan Stilwell, Churubusco High School
  • Audio Radio Production: Mason Badman, Angola High School; Sam Corber, Fremont High School
  • Automotive Refinishing Technology: Dan Brown, DeKalb High School; and Kaleb DiGregory, DeKalb High School
  • Automotive Service Technology: Seth Metcalf, Prairie Heights High School
  • Barbering: Alyson Wright, Lakeland High School; Lewis Mullen, Lakeland High School; and Wyatt Gillenwater, Churubusco High School
  • Carpentry: Jacob Hull, Fremont High School
  • CNC Milling Specialist: Skyler Cummings, Prairie Heights High School; and Mason Goddard, East Noble High School
  • CNC Technician: Alex Poorman, Angola High School; and Josh Deetz, East Noble High School
  • CNC Turning Specialist: Luke Hottell, Angola High School; and Connor LeRoy, East Noble High School
  • Collision Repair and Technology: Alex McKee, Angola High School; and Bradyn Gates, Westview High School
  • Commercial Baking: Grace McNamara, Lakeland High School
  • Community Service: Kaylah Willibey, Eastside High School; Julia Terry, East Noble High School; and Darbie Brumbaugh, Angola High School;
  • Cosmetology: Amber Hart, Fremont High School; and August Wells, Angola High School
  • Crime Scene Investigation: Jewel Allard, West Noble High School; Sonsuray Fields, Central Noble High School; Desiree Ratliff, West Noble High School; Lydia Bledsoe, Eastside High School; Lillian Meyer, East Noble High School; Christian Stephan-Lenahan, East Noble High School; Clayton Lawrence, Fremont High School; Spencer Castillo, Fremont High School; Heidi Harker, Fremont High School; Kyle Chard, Angola High School; Tyler Young, Angola High School; Collin Chard, Angola High School; Taylor Mohamedali, Angola High School; Rylee Dotson, Angola High School; and Emily McKinley, Angola High School
  • Criminal Justice: Sarah Roque, West Noble High School; Chase Weber, Central Noble High School; Matthew Mosley, East Noble High School; and Nancy VanCleave, East Noble High School
  • Culinary Arts: Hunter Risk, Westview High School
  • Digital Cinema Production: Denny Blakeley, Prairie Heights High School; Carver Teller, Prairie Heights High School; Ethan Makris, Hamilton High School; Aubrey Welsh, East Noble High School; Griffin Gust, East Noble High School; and Ryan Wells, East Noble High School
  • Engineering Technology: Dylan Stilwell, Churubusco High School; Alex Ehleiter, DeKalb High School; Chelcia Tilbury, East Noble High School; Korbin Baker, Central Noble High School; and Titus Christianson, East Noble High School
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning: Xander Clemons, DeKalb High School; Brayton Alley, DeKalb High School; Dakota Jordan, Garrett High School; Duke Beard, Home School (East Noble High School); Isaac Pelfrey, Westview High School; and Nicholas Clark, Churubusco High School
  • Marine Service Technology: Kyle Fennell, Westview High School; Bailey Leitch, Central Noble High School; Ethan Love, Home School (East Noble High School); Jack Demerly, Prairie Heights High School; Kyle Smith, East Noble High School
  • Nail Care: Ally Pranger, Home School (East Noble High School); Koral Alvord, DeKalb High School; Fatima Murillo, Central Noble High School; and Kendall Mickem, Central Noble High School
  • Nurse Assisting: Kylie Jordan, DeKalb High School; Paige Lothamer, DeKalb High School; and Olivia Berendt, East Noble High School
  • Photography: Isaiah Magner, East Noble High School; Joey Zarate, Hamilton High School; Mary Lou DeWeese, Eastside High School; and Guadalupe Cruz, Churubusco High School
  • Precision Machining Technology: Holden Sawyer, Lakeland High School; and Dakota Bolton, Eastside High School
  • Restaurant Service: Tyler Crane, Angola High School
  • Technical Drafting: Dylan Stilwell, Churubusco High School; Chelcia Tilbury, East Noble High School; and Korbin Baker, Central Noble High School
  • Welding: Karter Reinoehl, Garrett High School
  • Welding Fabrication: Hunter Weber, East Noble High School; Daniel Days, East Noble High School; Kyowa French, East Noble High School; Nathan McDonald, Central Noble High School; Nate Konger, Churubusco High School; and Griffin Parks, Central Noble High School
  • Welding Sculpture: Izak Prater, Garrett High School