Kendallville Airport Breaks Ground for New Hangar

KENDALLVILLE - An expansion that will allow more commercial flights to come into the Kendallville Municipal Airport, as well as increase winter traffic, will soon culminate in improved services for local businesses. The airport held a groundbreaking ceremony on August 8, marking the beginning of construction on a project that began with conversations back in 2016. Several officials were in attendance, including Indiana State Representative David Abbott, a pilot who was once a member of the Kendallville Soarin' Club. (Photo of Abbott by Steve Garbacz, courtesy of KPC Media).

“We’re trying to encourage business to stay in Indiana, to come to Indiana,” Abbott said, according to a KPC Media news report. “Building this hangar is looking toward the future, toward economic development.”

The scope of the project grew over time from adding more hangar space for small, recreational planes based at the site to considerations of building a large equipment shed to store snow removal and other maintenance equipment. In 2017, though, input from the Federal Aviation Administration led the airport to think bigger. That's when plans for a 10,000 square foot heated hangar were conceived. The new building will make the site a year-round airport for the first time. The indoor space is expected to draw in traffic to Noble County that now lands in Goshen or Auburn. The airport is already home to about 44 small planes.

The $1.2 million expansion is made possible in part by investments from the Noble County Economic Development Corporation, Kendallville Local Development Corporation, Kendallville City Council, Federal Aviation Administration, and others. Construction is expected to be complete by October 31, 2019. The next step, according to airport authorities and Mayor SuzAnne Handshoe, is to extend the runway from 4,400 to 5,000 feet to enable larger aircraft to land in Kendallville.

The Kendallville Municipal Airport is located north of the city at 1845 North Wayne Center Road and can be reached at (260) 347-2967 for information.