Leatherman Body Shop Expands Services

From KPC News

ALBION — Leatherman Body Shop Inc. went far and wide to get bigger.

The longtime Albion-based business took delivery of the newest addition to its fleet of vehicles last week, an NRC flatbed hauler with a 22 1/2-foot bed. The new hauler has a 10-ton capacity.

The flatbed haulers are a necessity with many vehicles being all-wheeled drive.

“We can haul a little bit heavier loads,” owner Tommy Leatherman said. “It’s doing everything we did before. It’s just upgraded a little bit. We’re going to be able to do more.”

Because of the hauler’s increased bed capacity, Leatherman bought the truck with an eye on public service, too. The way the bed extends could help emergency responders at crashes.

“We want to have equipment they don’t have,” he said. “We want to make it a tool to help the fire department at personal injury accidents.”

With the older flatbed still in operation, Leatherman Body Shop Inc. now has two flatbed haulers and one of the older, traditional-styled wreckers.

The additional truck will come in handy as the company expands its service area.

“We’re trying to grow a little bit,” Leatherman said. “We’re towing more on the west side of the county. We’re expanding our area.”

Leatherman Body Shop Inc. has added three employees over the last couple of years, bringing the current roster to 10. Tommy Leatherman said he is looking to add another three more to handle the company’s growth.

With more and more vehicles on the road, the towing and body shop business continues to keep the company busy.

Getting more territory isn’t just about the bottom line, Leatherman said, it’s about giving others opportunities and helping the community.

“We want to put more people to work,” he said. “We want Albion to grow. We want Noble County to grow.”

Leatherman had been looking for another flatbed hauler, and wanted it to be an NRC model.

Before the truck made the long trek from Wichita, Kansas, Leatherman had longer tool boxes installed to allow for more equipment storage.

“I want to give my employees the best equipment,” Leatherman said.

The man who drives the truck, Mat Robinson, said he appreciates that as he’s getting used to the way the new vehicle handles.

“It’s different to drive,” Robinson said. “I like it.”

The truck has the company’s slogan on it, too: “Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you.”

“This truck is a business card,” he said. “You want to have the best image possible.”