New Ligonier homes go up despite pandemic

Sara Barker  (Shared with permission from KPC Media)

LIGONIER — Although the state seemed to grind to a halt in the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t set back Noble County’s newest west-side neighborhood.New home construction in Ligonier IN by Granite Ridge Builders

The new Park Meadow construction off of Union Street in Ligonier has been chugging along, Granite Ridge Builders Construction Manager Patrick Martin said.

“Things have been going very well for the company through the virus,” Martin said of Granite Ridge Builders, the company constructing the custom homes. “We’re tracking, right now, record sales.”

“It’s moving right along,” Franklin said.

Martin said he’s seen foot traffic through the model home and interest in buying a home continuing though the pandemic.

The neighborhood’s construction had been set back before when rainfall last year make it so builders had to wait for mud to harden into dirt before homes and roads could be built.

However, even then, sales were good, Lonnie Norris, vice president of sales at Granite Ridge Builders had said, and that progress hasn’t stopped.

“They just love that they have options,” Sanchez said. “There were no options before.”

Though the location in town is ideal, with Kenney Park and West Noble Primary across the street and downtown Ligonier a little further down the road, jobs are what are selling these homes.

“If they’re looking for Ligonier, they’re coming here for a specific reason. And that’s work,” Sanchez said.

The new neighborhood has a range of home prices, from about $180,000 for a ranch to more than $300,000 for the white model home with a three-car garage on Union Street.

Lot prices can add on about $30,000-40,000 to the cost of the home, too.

Though those home costs may look like they would price out some first-time homebuyers in the city, Sanchez said about 25-30% of business Granite Ridge does is financed through the Indiana USDA 502 Direct Loan Program and the Indiana Guaranteed Loan Program.

These loans could let buyers make a $0 down payment and have monthly mortgage payments from about $700-1250.