Partnership paves way for projects

Article by Steve Garbacz of KPC Media

Garrett provides material that will used to upgrade Noble Co. roads

ALBION — Noble County is getting tons of help from Garrett — in the form of literally tons of crushed-up concrete.

The 10,000 tons of crushed concrete and brick will be laid down as base material for roads under reconstruction in southeast Noble County next year.

Garrett has been stockpiling construction waste materials at its site on C.R. 48 for years, with much of it coming from the demolition of the former Garrett High School, Noble County Highway Department Engineer Zack Smith said.

Instead of sitting around as useless junk, Smith saw an opportunity to crush the material into aggregate that then could be used as sub-base material for roads.

Since several reconstruction projects are scheduled in southeast Noble County next year, the stockpile site just west of Garrett is closer than where the county typically gets its material from east of Auburn, Smith said.

The county hired a contractor to bring in a crusher that could grind the material to the appropriate size. The cost to do that was $5.50 per ton — about the same as it costs to buy aggregate — but the county is saving on transportation costs by not having it trucked from Auburn, Smith said.

“It’s about even as far as the aggregate cost for what we’re doing, but we’re saving a considerable amount on the hauling, with that location being so close to all the projects we have next year,” Smith said.

The 10,000 tons might sound like a lot, but it goes quickly. It take about 1,500 tons of aggregate to set a base for 1 mile of road, and with Noble County scheduling about 14 miles of reconstruction projects next year, the entire amount likely will be used in a single year, Smith said.

The Garrett City Council approved an agreement with Noble County back in July to crush and take the material, as long as it left 50 tons for the city to use.