Plan for Community Center Boosted by Donation

ALBION — Volunteers working on a plan to build a community center to serve the Albion community recently got a big boost to their efforts. The owner of property that was once home to Augusta Hills Golf Course, about two miles west of Albion on county road 300 north, has reportedly offered to donate the former clubhouse building. Bill Emmert, a representative of the volunteer group, told Noble County Commissioners this week that the building and extra acreage would enable more amenities and allow operations to begin sooner than if a new building was constructed on the north edge of town, as was originally planned.

“We have been working on this project for several years, then we were offered a generous donation of the former clubhouse of the golf course,” Emmert is quoted as saying in a KPC Media news article this week.

Commissioners learned of the opportunity when presented with a request to rezone about six acres of land where the golf course ceased operating in 2008. The site was purchased at that time by Richard "Rocky" Squire, Jr. Emmert reportedly explained to commissioners that while the site is not in town, the building and extra acreage could cut the funding needed by a third and allow the center to open about a year earlier than originally expected. Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, a popular local destination, is also located near the proposed site.

Original project plans outlined the construction of a new building on a one-acre lot on the north side of town, which would only allow for indoor activities. The added acreage west of town would provide more more outdoor activities.