Plan Unveils Option for Development of 110 Acres in Ligonier

(Report includes excerpts from a report by Sara Barker shared with permission from KPC Media).

LIGONIER — The Ligonier common council meeting included some discussion of a map for zoning in Ligonier’s 110 acres of annexed property just south of U.S. 6 and north of Diamond Lake Road, west of U.S. 33.

John Piraccini of Coldwell Banker presented different zoning options to the council during the citizen comment time of the meeting.

Piraccini is an advisor to John Coussens, the owner of the annexed property.

Right now, about 42-52 acres would be zoned for industry, 15-30 acres for retail and about 35-50 for residential, with planned separation between people’s homes and business.

Those plans are flexible, so more or less acreage might be allotted to the different zonings once details are worked out.

Piraccini praised Mayor Patty Fisel and her team of departments, noting that people who communicate well are not found on every project he oversees.

“You’re fortunate to have people who really want to work with you and work together,” Piraccini said.

He also addressed the issue Ligonier faces, where the city wants both more employers and employees at the same time, but the lack of housing makes it so nobody can move to town to work.

The residential zone in this annex might help alleviate this “Catch 22,” he said.

“We want growth and industrial, but we don’t have any employees,” he said. “And when we get the growth and industrial, they have nowhere to live.”

A target population Piraccini said for real estate is millennials, since it’s becoming the most populous generation over baby boomers.

To attract them, Piraccini said building homes is key. Though millennials who are saddled with debt can’t afford a $200,000, new-build home, older folks can, and when they vacate their $90,000 home, the younger generation can occupy that available property.

Moving forward, Piraccini said he will continue talking to his engineer and the city.