Rapid response for displaced LSC workers results in virtual job board

Albion – The Noble County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), an organization dedicated exclusively to creating a thriving local economy, has launched a virtual job board and other workforce resources to help attract and retain talent.

The recent announcement that LSC Communications plans to close its facility on Marion Drive in Kendallville, which is expected to displace about 307 workers before the end of 2020, was met with a rapid response by the EDC, Kendallville Mayor SuzAnne Handshoe, WorkOne Northeast, and other local stakeholders. Representatives met within days of the announcement to form strategies to help local workers through the transition. One result is the launch of www.worknoble.org

The new "Work Noble" website aims to help every worker facing a job loss find job openings; earn a high school equivalency, enhance, or learn new skills; and provide assistance to navigate a household, job, or career change - all in Noble County. The site went live on Monday.

"At this early stage of launch, Work Noble already has nearly 300 job opportunities at 16 locations identified," explained Gary Gatman, executive director of the EDC. "We know there are a lot of good job prospects right here in Noble County and want every worker affected by job loss due to the pandemic, or for any other reason, to know they are valued. Our rapid response team is here to help them stay local and thrive." 

Work Noble is a new, permanent addition to the toolbox of Noble County's economic development efforts, according to Gatman. He said his team is working closely with LSC Communications and that two job fairs will also be coming to Kendallville in October to help workers transition and stay local.

"Working alongside our extraordinary partners, including Northeast Indiana Works and WorkOne Northeast, we are confident that any worker who wants to stay in or relocate to Noble County will be able to do so," Gatman continued. "In fact, the opportunities for people to skill up and enhance their earning potential is maybe better now than ever."

In addition to the job board and an interactive map that will help workers find local jobs, website users may also navigate the Skill Up section of the site with links to various programs offered locally, some free, to change career paths and earn more. Local non-profit agencies are also available to help with household transitions and any short-term financial hardships as a result of job loss.

Employers who have jobs to fill in Noble County that pay a wage of $10 or more per hour are invited to submit a job profile to Work Noble using a form on the website. They may also call (260) 636-3800 for assistance. Work Noble is a free service and is expected to provide more resource and service information in the coming weeks.