RV Industry Study Says Impact to Region is $4.1 Billion Annually

(Original report:  http://www.insideindianabusiness.com/story/40612721/study-shows-indianas-rv-industry-impact)

A study released in June 2019 by the Virginia-based Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) shows the sector contributes $32.4 billion to the Hoosier economy each year, and $4.1 billion to the northeast Indiana counties that make up Region 3, which includes Noble County.

The RVIA says the study "includes all companies involved in the manufacture, sale, rental, repair, storage, and service of recreation vehicles, as well as the aftermarket industry and the financing and insurance of RV purchases and the economic impact of recreation vehicle travel." Indiana tops the list of states for its total economic activity and accounts for over 25% of the overall impact the RV industry has on the U.S. 

"What the study reveals is that RVs are not just the familiar highway scene of an American summer," Garry Enyart, chairman of the RVIA, said in a news release. "Indeed, RVs are the heart of an industry that has become an American juggernaut, a business that has tripled in size since the Great Recession of 2009."

Numbers indicate the RV industry provides 15,685 jobs in Region 3. 

You can connect to the full study by clicking here.