Downtown Kendallville EID Revived

By Steve Garbacz  (Article shared with permission from KPC Media).

KENDALLVILLE — A year after a downtown organization couldn’t even get half of building owners to vote on a voluntary tax and the city’s Economic Improvement District looked doomed to fold, the 25-year district is getting revived.

Revived by a slim margin, but revived nonetheless.

Albion May Become Residential TIF Pioneer

By MATT GETTS  (Shared with permission from KPC Media).

ALBION — The town of Albion is considering becoming the first community in Indiana to create a residential TIF district to spur housing growth.

At the Albion Town Council’s Oct. 22 meeting, the council approved a $7,250 capped contract with Indianapolis-based accounting firm LWG to investigate the financial costs of creating a new housing development and the expected revenues which would eventually come back to the town.

2020 Census "Critical" for Development

County beginning to recruit census takers

(By Sara Barker  Shared with permission from KPC Media.)

KENDALLVILLE — More citizens means more money. And to know how many citizens there are, you have to go out and count them.

With the 2020 census approaching, the Census Bureau is prioritizing attracting people to sign up to be census takers, or people who are paid to go around their communities, knock on doors and record responses from their neighbors.